Archive of Tyler Kearn's articles for the Occidental Weekly
Update 2013: It appears that the vast majority of the articles I wrote for the Weekly are no longer online. They changed websites and it seems only a small (and seemingly random) number of my articles got propogated to the new site. The links on this page no longer work, but I am going to leave it up as an archive of what I wrote. I still have copies of everything I've ever written, so if you do want to read any of these articles just contact me.
This is the complete archieve of my articles that have been printed in the Oxy Weekly and published online (my author page on does not include every article). This archive only includes articles from Fall 2007 and on, because that is when the Weekly started posting them online.
Title Date Section Lead Description/Notes
Tyler the Tech Guy: Apple's Next iPhone 4/28/10 Entertain- ment "Within the next few months, Apple will unveil the most recent version of one of its most profitable products, the iPhone. While the move does not surprise anyone familiar with the company's marketing strategies—they've released a new iPhone every year for the last three summers—the iPhone OS 4.0 boasts some major features that can potentially catch up to or surpass its competition. ... Read More >> This is my last ever article for the Occidental Weekly, and it's only fitting that it's a Tyler the Tech Guy column. I talk about the forthcoming iPhone model, including the upcoming software (OS 4.0) and the leaked phone prototype.
Tyler the Tech Guy: Oxy Mobile— Occidental's New Smartphone App 4/14/10 Entertain- ment "This past week, ITS released Oxy Mobile, an application for smartphones. The app lets you do some interesting and useful tasks from your phone, such as contact professors or renew your library books, all through one simple interface. Thanks to its useful features, the app has potential to become an invaluable aid for students, faculty, staff and visitors. ... Read More >> I review Oxy Mobile, Occidental College's new app for smartphones.

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Tyler the Tech Guy: Textbooks as Ebooks 3/24/10 Entertain- ment "Will paper textbooks soon be obsolete, only to be replaced by e-texts on Kindles? With e-book readers on the rise, and the capabilities of these readers improving, this suggestion is hardly out of bounds. Amazon's Kindle DX, designed with e-texts in mind, has been on the market since May 2009, and other companies will soon follow suit, including Sony, Asus and Acer. Apple is even negotiating with textbook publishers to compete on this market with the iPad. These companies have started catering the devices to students in hope that this technology will eventually replace the use of textbooks. ... Read More >> Are students soon going to be carrying around all their textbooks on devices like the Kindle? I discuss the implications of textbooks as ebooks, and why I think e-textbooks aren't yet ready for prime time.

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Tyler the Tech Guy: Windows Phone 7 Series 2/24/10 Entertain- ment "As a generation, we are fixated on "converged devices" such as iPhones and Blackberries that not only function as cell phones but as mp3 players, internet browsers and GPSs. In order to really succeed in the market, companies are constantly competing to create the phone with the most useful apps and most advanced features. In 2010, Microsoft is set to take phone utility and innovation to a whole new level. Last week in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress, the largest international trade show for cellular phones, Microsoft unveiled its plans for an unprecedented combination: a cell phone with Xbox gaming capabilities. ... Read More >> I look at Microsoft's recently announced Windows Phone 7 Series, which does something unique: integrates Xbox Live into a cell phone.

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A Moveable Feast: The Weekly Samples Gourmet Food Trucks at the L.A. Street Food Fest 2/17/10 Features "Today's breed of gourmet food trucks are a far cry from the roach coaches of yesteryear. Instead of grease-soaked nachos, they serve shrimp kebabs, grilled brie sandwiches and red velvet pancakes. The gourmet trucks spread out daily and nightly across L.A., selling their delicacies on street corners to hungry Angelenos. But for one day, they all converged in a single place: the first annual L.A. Street Food Fest. ... Read More >> Michael Darling and I describe the first annual L.A. Street Food Fest, and profile some of the most interesting and unusual food trucks roaming about L.A.
A Guide to So Cal Skiing 2/10/10 Entertain- ment "Southern California may be famous for its sunny days and nice beaches, but it also has some worthwhile places for skiing and snowboarding. Rainstorms may flood Oxy, but they also bring snow to our local mountains. In the wake of our recent storms, now is the perfect time to check out the nearby ski slopes. ... Read More >> I give an overview of Southern California skiing and profile the three main local areas—Mt. Baldy, Mountain High, and Big Bear/Snow Summit.
Tyler the Tech Guy: The Apple iPad—Impressions and Analysis 2/3/10 Entertain- ment "Last Wednesday, Apple unveiled the iPad, a top-secret product that they have been working on for years. Tech-lovers across the globe eagerly awaited this unveiling only to be disappointed: Apple's latest innovation is... a giant iPhone. ... Read More >> Is the Apple iPad a game changer... or will it ruin Apple's hot streak? I give my impressions of Apple’s latest "magical" device. To see all Tyler the Tech Guy articles and my other tech writing, check out
Tyler the Tech Guy: New Negotiations May Change the Way We Search the Web 12/9/09 Entertain- ment "Many of us rely on Google for all of our Web search needs. But what if Google no longer had all of the answers? Recent negotiations between Microsoft and News Corp. may threaten Google's perceived control of the Internet. ... Read More> Could Google lose it's position as the one-stop provider of all the world's information? I discuss the rumored Bing-News Corp agreement, and the implications it can have for everyone who uses a search engine. To see all Tyler the Tech Guy articles and my other tech writing, check out
Tyler the Tech Guy: Tips for Getting the Most Out of Gmail 11/18/09 Entertain- ment "Love it or hate it, we're all stuck using Gmail to access our Oxy e-mail accounts. It took a while—and some serious hassles—to transition the entire school from Microsoft Outlook to Google Apps, but at this point there's no going back: All the old e-mail accounts have been deleted. However, the Gmail interface is different from most other e-mail programs, and it can take a little getting used to. But if you take the time to learn the tricks and nuances of Gmail, it can prove to be a quick and efficient program. Whether you're using Gmail reluctantly or lovingly, these tips should help make dealing with your Oxy e-mail (or any Gmail account) easier. ... Read More> I offer some tips and tricks for getting the most out of Gmail. It can be a powerful email tool once you know its ins-and-outs. To see all Tyler the Tech Guy articles and my other tech writing, check out
FCC Proposes Net Neutrality Regulations 11/11/09 News "The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) formally proposed rules mandating net neutrality on Oct. 22. Net neutrality, in general terms, is the theory that everyone should have equal and open access to the Internet. If the rules go into effect, things are likely to remain relatively the same as they currently stand—however, if the rules are stopped in Congress, it could affect the Internet experience of everyone, including users of Occidental's network. ... Read More> I cover the FCC's proposed net neutrality regulations. I present student reactions to the rules, and I explain what they will mean both to users of the Occidental network, and to internet users in general.
Tyler the Tech Guy: Google Poses a Threat to Competition with New Navigation Software 11/11/09 Entertain- ment "What do newspapers, music companies and makers of portable navigation devices like TomTom and Garmin have in common? They all have the same problem: Someone is willing to provide the same service for free. ... Read More> I look at Google's new free GPS navigation software. It is going to completely shake up the GPS market—but what is that going to mean for consumers? To see all Tyler the Tech Guy articles and my other tech writing, check out
Campus Administration Forecloses on Student Housing 11/4/09 Opinions "What's Occidental going to do when it can't house all of its students? The question is a ticking time-bomb. Oxy is heading towards a housing crunch as the largest freshman class to ever enter Oxy, the class of 2013, is subject to the new requirement that students must live on campus for their first three years. ... Read More> Media Credit: Occidental CollegeOccidental is facing a looming housing crunch—at some point in the next few years, the school won't be able to house everybody who wants to live on campus. I discuss the problem and what the school needs to do about it.
Tyler the Tech Guy: Windows 7 takes PCs in a New and Improved Direction 10/23/09 Entertain- ment "Yesterday, Windows 7 finally came out. With all the lead-up, television ads, and hype, it feels like this launch has been coming forever. Luckily, it seems that all of this hype has been justified. ... Read More> Windows 7 has generated more buzz and hype than anything Microsoft has released in a long time. People are crazy excited about it, but does the product live up to the buzz? I give my impressions on Microsoft’s new OS. To see all Tyler the Tech Guy articles and my other tech writing, check out
A Salon of Indulgence, Luxury... and Chocolate? 10/14/09 Entertain- ment "Tucked away on a floor below ground level in one of the side buildings of the Pasadena Convention Center was more chocolate than any one person could handle. It was the third annual Los Angeles Chocolate Salon, a luxury chocolate convention which took place on Sunday, Oct. 11, and it blew my mind. ... Read More> Media Credit: Tyler KearnI discover and explore the Los Angeles Luxury Chocolate Salon, a convention in Pasadena that had way too much good—and weird—chocolate.
Tyler the Tech Guy: New Mobile Phone Redefines "Connection" 10/7/09 Entertain- ment "I am connected to all my friends right now. I'm also connected to them when I'm in the quad or on top of Mt. Fiji. That's because I've got all my social networks—Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn—on my phone. I cannot say whether or not it's a good thing to be connected to everyone all the time, nor do I know what the larger implications are for a society that revolves around being constantly connected. But what I do know is this—it's what people want. ... Read More> Media Credit: MotorolaEventually, social networking on phones is going to keep us constantly connected with all of our friends in real time. In this article I talk about an upcoming phone from Motorola—the CLIQ—that will take us several steps closer to that reality. To see all Tyler the Tech Guy articles (including pieces not published in the Weekly) and other tech writing, check out
The Best Foods Are The Ones Kept Secret—Oxy's Secret Menu 9/30/09 Features "No, you can't order your fries "animal style" in the Cooler, but there are some secret off-menu items and combinations that can be found in the Marketplace and the Tiger Cooler. You just have to know that they exist, and how to ask for them. ... Read More> Media Credit: Courtesy of ASOCI reveal the "secret menus" of the Marketplace and the Cooler. Campus dining isn't In-N-Out, but there are some delicious off-menu items that you need someone to tell you about. For links to more articles about campus dining, on-campus eating, and the Henry's Special, click here.
MyOxy Proves to be a Portal to Problems and Annoyances 9/23/09 Opinion "Last year, I had nice things to say about myOxy. In fact, last fall I wrote an article about it in The Weekly, in which I stated that myOxy was a great start, and could become an invaluable resource once it began tailoring itself to users. Here's the problem—myOxy really hasn't tailored itself to individual students and the online resources they need. Worse still, ITS has eliminated the ways of quickly getting to the sites and resources without going through myOxy. ... Read More> Media Credit: Courtesy of my.oxy.eduI write about the issues with Oxy's myOxy web portal, and why my opinion of it has changed since last year. For links to my previous articles about myOxy and a short clarification in regards to this piece, click here.
Tyler the Tech Guy: Apple's New iPods—Little Additions Equal Huge Changes (Really) 9/16/09 Entertain- ment "Apparently, your iPod can do anything. At least that is what Apple is saying about their new iPod lineup, which they announced Wednesday, Sept. 9. What's interesting about Apple's keynote—besides the fact that Steve Jobs is back with a brand new kidney and still looks too thin—is that despite giving all the iPods boring, incremental updates, iPods are now starting to compete in several new markets. ... Read More> Media Credit: AppleWith their new iPod lineup Apple they added very little to their devices... but they can now compete in some crazy new areas. For all Tyler the Tech Guy articles (including non-Weekly ones) and other tech writing, visit
Tyler the Tech Guy: The New iPod Shuffle and Simplicity in Technology 3/18/09 Entertain- ment "Can something really be made too simple? Well, it depends on what that thing is. In the case of a midterm exam, the answer is "no." But, in the case of tech products, it's more of a gray area because simplicity often comes at the expense of features or convenience. ... Read More> Media Credit: AppleI address the topic of simplicity in consumer technology, and in particular how it applies to Apple and the new iPod Shuffle. For all Tyler the Tech Guy articles and other tech writing from me, visit
Tyler the Tech Guy: Skype 4.0 and Video Calling 3/5/09 Entertain- ment "Skype may be the greatest thing ever. Every time I use it to make a free video call to a friend who is eight time zones away, I always get the feeling that Skype has to be too good to be true. ... Read More> Media Credit: SkypeI look at the new version of Skype, Skype 4.0, and at the phenomenon of video calling. All Tyler the Tech Guy stories and other tech pieces can now be found at
Should Oxy Sell Obama Merchandise? 2/19/09 Opinion "What's a really bad pun that you can buy at the bookstore for $10.95? Answer: a baby diaper cover that says "CHANGE WE NEED." [...] It is just one item of many that the bookstore is selling as "BarOxyWear" ... Read More> Media Credit: Courtesy of the Occidental College Bookstore. Click the image to view the Bookstore's entire line of BarOxyWear.This is an op-ed piece about "BarOxyWear", the Obama-Oxy merchandise that they are selling in the bookstore.
Retracing Obama's Legacy 11/25/08 Features "There is very little physical evidence of Barack Obama's time as a student at Occidental. However, Obama did not attend Oxy without leaving a trace. [...] There are many people who have memories of the President-elect and, while the school has changed a great deal in 27 years, his Occidental experience seems to have been similar in many ways to the Oxy experience today. ... Read More> Media Credit: Courtesy of oxy.eduThis is a features piece that I co-wrote with Aidan Lewis about Barack Obama's time at Occidental. We talk about what his life was like here, what his academics were like, and what groups he was involved in. We also have all the small Oxy-specific details (like what room he lived in, or where he used to hang out) that those who are familiar with Oxy will appreciate.
Oxy Students Protest Prop 8 at L.A. City Hall 11/19/08 News "More than 10,000 people, Oxy students included, gathered at Los Angeles City Hall on Saturday, to protest the passage of Proposition 8. Prop 8, which passed on election day with a 52.5% majority, changed the California state constitution to make the marriage of homosexual couples illegal. Since Nov. 4, many groups in opposition to the amendment have rallied in protest, labeling it discriminatory. ... Read More> Media Credit: Photo by Tyler KearnI cover the 10,000 person strong Proposition 8 protest at Los Angeles City Hall on Saturday 11/15/08, which had many Occidental students in attendance.
CNN Hologram Predicts the Future of Media 11/19/08 Opinion "During their coverage of the Presidential election, CNN made headlines of its own by featuring a new technology—holograms. Yes, holograms. What has the news media come to? ... Read More> Media Credit: The Chicago TribuneI ask how CNN can afford to set up a (totally awesome) hologram projection system for their coverage of election night, when they continually lay off journalists and shrink their newsrooms.
Tyler the Tech Guy: T-Mobile G1 - The "Google-phone" 11/12/08 Entertain- ment "What does it mean to have Google on your phone? In the case of the T-Mobile G1, it means that the phone is running Google's new operating system for phones, called Android. The G1 came out in late October and it, along with Android, is arguably the first real competitor to the iPhone. ... Read More> Media Credit: WikipediaI look at the "Google-phone", the T-Mobile G1 which is the first phone to run Google's Android operating system for mobile phones. I compare the G1 to the iPhone as platforms, and compare the different philosophies Apple and Google take with their "handheld computers".
The Great Technology Debate of '08 11/5/08 Opinion "Roger Ebert can't speak. The movie critic, famous for the television show At the Movies with its thumbs up and thumbs down ratings and his written reviews in the Chicago Sun Times, no longer has the ability to communicate verbally, due to a tracheotomy two years ago. Since losing his voice, Ebert has started a blog. Last week, he wrote a post that described what the process was like adapting to the frustrations of his particular handicap, and how communication with people using the Internet was his salvation. It was the only thing that kept him sane. ... Read More> Media Credit: Courtesy of WikipediaThis piece is one side of a point-counterpoint on the topic, "Technology: Impersonal and Unifying?". I wrote in favor of technology, while Michael Darling (whose article can be found immediately underneath mine) wrote an argument against it. For those who are curious, the Roger Ebert blog post that I talked about in the article can be found here. (It is a very moving read, regardless of your opinion on technology.)
Quiet On The Campus 10/29/08 Features "Imagine Michael Scott, or rather Steve Carell, walking the steps of Thorne. It almost happened—The Office was looking to film at Occidental. Oxy has had many high-profile films, television shows and commercials film on its campus. There have also been many instances when a film or show has been interested in filming here, but things did not work out. Unfortunately, The Office is one of the latter, joining a list that also includes National Treasure 2 and Private Practice. ... Read More> Media Credit: Courtesy of oxy.eduThis is a features piece, looking at commercial filming at Occidental. Oxy has been the host to many Hollywood films, like Clueless and Star Trek III. However, recently it seems that Oxy has missed opportunities to have popular shows film here, like The Office or Private Practice. I look at why this has happened, and why Oxy is still a very attractive location for Hollywood to shoot. For those who want to know more about filming at Oxy, some follow-up links can be found here.
Tyler the Tech Guy: Netbooks 10/29/08 Entertain- ment "I have a tiny computer. Size wise, it is a little bit smaller than most hardcover books. To put it in Oxy terms, it's a hair larger than A Writer's Reference by Diana Hacker, and much smaller than Mankiw's Principles of Economics. The computer runs Windows XP, has a 120GB hard drive, 1GB of memory, a 9 inch screen, and I bought it at Best Buy. It cost $350 dollars. ... Read More> Media Credit: Photo by Tyler KearnI look at netbooks, which are a new category of small, super-portable laptops that are also very inexpensive. Netbooks are very handy for students, because they are so small that you can take them with you anywhere, and they are cheap enough that having one as a secondary computer is not an outlandish idea. I've also included links to more information about netbooks, which can be found here.
myOxy Web Portal Enhances School Website 10/1/08 News "This past week, ITS made available to students the result of one of the biggest projects it has yet undertaken—the brand new myOxy web portal It is an ambitious site, that has the aim of becoming a far more useful tool for students when it comes to accessing and utilizing their online resources (directories, Moodle and Blackboard, webmail, and library databases) than anything the school has had in the past. ... Read More> Media Credit: Courtesy of my.oxy.eduI write about the new myOxy web portal. This article is a news piece, in which I spoke with people about how myOxy came about, what the goals behind it were, and what is going to happen with it going foward, as well as student opinions toward myOxy. I also wrote a complimentary piece, in which I actually review myOxy and take a deeper look at the website itself. That article can be found here.
Tyler the Tech Guy: Tyler reviews the new and improved myOxy web portal 10/1/08 Entertain- ment "myOxy, the new web portal for Occidental students (, is really cool and convenient, but only if you take the time to dig though menus a little and customize. As a web portal, the goal of myOxy is to take the web content students (or faculty or staff) access the most frequently, and to put it all in a place that is easy, intuitive and customizable. ... Read More> Media Credit: Courtesy of my.oxy.eduI review and take an in-depth look at the new myOxy web portal for Occidental students and staff. This article compliments my other article this week, a news piece about myOxy that looks at what went into its creation, and the goals of the web portal. That article can be found here.
Fall TV Face Off 9/24/08 Entertain- ment "An epic battle for control is about to begin again in the common rooms across campus on Thursdays at 9 p.m. The conflict: Who is going to get the TV? The Office fans or Grey's Anatomy fans? Both shows return with extended season premieres tomorrow night (9/25), and people are excited (and a little desperate) to get to the TV first. ... Read More> Media Credit: wikimedia commonsI discuss the return of the Office and Grey's Anatomy, which both come back on Thursdays at 9:00 (TV conflict!). With the networks' weaker lineups, is there more pressure on these shows? And, is The Office setting itself up for a spinoff series?
Apple Slims Down for the Holidays 9/17/08 Entertain- ment "It's that magical time of the year again—three months before the holidays, when companies come out with their new products to fill the retail shelves. Last week, Apple continued their annual tradition of announcing new iPods. ... Read More> Media Credit: Courtesy of Apple.comI look at Apple's new iPod lineup, revealed last week, including the new ways its trying to sell the iPod touch. I also discuss the new "Genius" feature in iTunes 8.
Pop Quiz in Your Pocket: Cram Software 9/10/08 Entertain- ment "You can do a lot with your cell phone these days—text message, picture message, surf the internet, check your e-mail, instant message your friends, listen to your music, play games and, yes, make phone calls. Now, it might be time to add another function to the list: With new software called "Cram," your cell phone can help you study. ... Read More> Media Credit: SimpleLeap SoftwareI review "Cram", a $15 piece of software for Blackberries and iPhones that allows you to create, import, and take quizzes on your phone.
Take a Load Off 4/30/08 Opinion "I was at the doctor's office the other day and, after checking my weight, the nurse asked me if I wanted to see how much my backpack weighed. I was curious, so I put it on the scale. It was full of what I consider to be a typical day's load-my laptop, its power charger, two 1" binders, and a paperback novel. She moved around the sliders on the scale until it read 16 pounds. I was astounded, but, there it was. "We calibrate the scale every morning," the nurse assured me. ... Read More> I discuss mini-laptops/mini-notebooks, such as the Asus Eee PC and the HP Mini, which are really tiny and inexpensive machines meant to be used as second computers. Oh, and I also talk about how much my backpack weighs. If any of you are interested in these mini-notebooks, which are only looking like they are going to become less expensive, more powerful, and more practical, interesting articles on the topic can be found here and here.
A Seller's Market 4/16/08 Features "In the chip corner in the Cooler, two prices were facing me for the green bag of Salsa Verde Doritos I desired. One was on the counter next to the bags, where a label read "Chips 1.35." The other was on the top left-hand corner of the bag itself, where in big bold white letters with a bright red outline it said "99¢." I took the bag to the register and watched it ring up $1.35. When I showed the price on the bag to the cashier, she shrugged-"all chips are $1.35," she said. ... Read More> I compare food prices at the Marketplace and the Cooler to the prices for the same items at supermarkets like Ralphs, and discuss why the food on campus always costs more.
The Return of Television 4/9/08 Entertain- ment "Many of television's pressing questions were abruptly left dangling by the writer's strike: Will Michael and Jan stay together? What's the deal with the Oceanic Six? Who is the final Cylon? Wilson and Cutthroat Bitch? Viewers have been waiting and waiting for their favorite shows to start up again. The shows are finally ready, the networks are ready and those questions will be answered. Scripted television is back! ... Read More> I discuss the return of scripted shows to television (finally!) and lay out when some of the best are coming back.
Be Kind Rewind: Not Your Typical Jack Black Comedy 3/26/08 Entertain- ment "Be Kind Rewind is an unusual film, especially given the promotions that portrayed it as a "typical" Jack Black comedy. It is a film that starts slowly and takes a long time to pick up steam, has a very funny middle and a surprisingly bittersweet ending. ... Read More> Media Credit: Courtesy of New Line CinemaMovie review of "Be Kind Rewind", starring Jack Black and Mos Def.
Can You Hear Me Now, Oxy? 2/27/08 Features "With phones filling our pockets, we set off on a grand adventure—one that would send us to the far reaches of campus, an adventure of signal strengths and call quality. We were testing phones—how well they performed, where they did and did not get reception and how they compared to each other—to find out which of the carriers really did have the best network, at least at Oxy. ... Read More> Media credit: Image Courtesy of Olsen-Van Stone and I tested cell phones from each of the major carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile) at different places around campus, finding out what places had good/mediocre/no reception and how the different carriers stacked up against one another at Oxy.
Folk and Historical Dance Troup Waltzes into Cooler 2/20/08 Entertain- ment "For most Occidental events, the room where an event takes place is adorned with decorations that create the atmosphere; at Friday's Viennese Waltz Night in the Cooler, it was not the room that was adorned, but the people. Without the people, the Cooler looked like it always does; with the people, it transformed into a room straight from upper-class 19th century Austria. ... Read More> Media Credit: Sam HallerI covered the Viennese Waltz Night that took place Saturday night (2/16/08) in the Cooler.
The Tragedy of Ted Taylor: An Occidental Original 2/13/08 Entertain- ment "The Haines common room was packed Friday night, as over 100 people—far in excess of the rows of furniture set up—crowded along the back wall, the side walls and outside the door, all trying to get a view of the "world premiere" of The Tragedy of Ted Taylor. ... Read More> I wrote about the "world premiere" of The Tragedy of Ted Taylor, a play written by Charles Bennett and Michael "Mustache Mike" Darling, that was performed in the Haines common room. The article describes the event and the reaction it recieved. Update: the performance was recorded and now can be found on YouTube—click here
MacBook Air: Just a Pretty Face 2/13/08 Opinion "When I got my iPhone back in July, I was one of those people who went around showing it to everyone, proudly declaring it to be the "sexiest thing I've ever owned." Now that I've laid my eyes on the MacBook Air, and gotten to play around with it inside the confines of the Apple store, I think that I can, without hesitation, declare it to be the sexiest thing I don't own. ... Read More> This is a piece that criticizes both the value and utility of the MacBook Air (though it is the sexiest computer ever).
Who Hearts Huckabee? 1/30/08 Opinion "It seems as if the politics of our culture have become inverted. It is not the electorate or the journalists, but the comedians who have become the kingmakers, at least, so claim Conan O'Brien and Stephen Colbert. ... Read More> I discuss how Conan O'Brien and Stephen Colbert each claim to have "made" Mike Huckabee.
Henry's Specialty 11/7/07 Features "Henry Bojorquez, the not-so-mild-mannered Cooler grill chef, has a hobby that has earned him enough money to take a trip to Europe. What is that hobby? He designs and creates custom guitar straps and sells them on eBay. ... Read More> Media Credit: Annika BushmanI profile Henry Bojorquez, who works in the Cooler. He discuesses how he came to make custom leather guitar straps, which he now sells on Ebay.
Much Ado About Ranking 10/19/07 Features ""Just a second," James Tranquada says, patiently scrolling through a seemingly endless collection of files in his computer. Nestled in a small office on the first floor of the Coons Administrative building, Tranquada is surrounded with file cabinets, cardboard boxes and bookshelves arranged both horizontally and vertically—all testaments to his information-based post as Director of Communications. ... Read More> This article is on Oxy's place in the U.S. News rankings, and what those rankings mean for the school and the students. I also blogged about the U.S. News rankings on OxyBlog [] a couple of weeks ago, but this article is obviously far more in depth and detailed.
Prankster, You're Fired 10/3/07 Opinion "Most kinds of pranks are funny, but there are some that aren't. Setting a fire inside a dorm is one of the latter. In fact, any kind of prank that causes destruction to property or puts people in danger is just plain stupid. ... Read More> An opinions piece that rails against dangerous pranks. For some reason, someone almost burning down Haines didn't sit well with me. For description and exclusive pictures of the fire (because I was the only one who took any), head over to OxyBlog.
Heck Yes, You Will Go 9/19/07 Opinion "It's not fair that over the summer, Housing kicked people out of the rooms that they had signed up for at room draw. Yes, they have the right to do it. Yes, they have their reasons. No, they still shouldn't have done it. And they should have let the people know they were doing it. ... Read More> I argue that it was unfair for Housing to kick people out of the rooms that they had signed up for, especially without telling them about it.
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