Archive of Previous Websites and Projects
Science Fiction Stories
I created this website to showcase a series of science fiction short stories I wrote in 2004 and 2005. I made this site from nothing, and am responsible for the entirety of its design, coding, and content. This was the original
OxyBlog: A blog about the goings-on at Occidental College
This is a blog that I created to chronicle the news and happenings at Occidental College. I realized that people didn't have a timely way to get Oxy-related news (it can be many days before a story appears in the Weekly), and I hoped to fill that void. Unfortunately, as I got busy with other things, the blog fell by the wayside.
Research Project for Film 146--a website on James Bond
This website was my final research project for Film 146 during fall semester 2007. The topic I chose was, suprisingly, James Bond. By creating a website instead of writing a traditional paper, I was able to incorportate multimedia such as images, links, and film clips. The coding and design is all my own, as is the writing.
The Occidental Review
The Occidental Review is the official arts and literary magazine for Occidental College. For the 2008 issue, I was an editor, and we published an excerpt from one of my short stories. [Note: I link only to the page with my story, to avoid reprinting others' work without their permission. I was also an editor on the 2009 issue, but did not publish.]
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