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Heale V Stories About my stories and myself:
View All           My name is Tyler Kearn and I have been writing science fiction stories for several years. I have read a great deal of SciFi. My favorite would have to be The Foundation Trilogy Foundation by Issac Asimov by Issac Asimov. Asimov's foucus on psychology (or psychohistory as he calls it), rather than focusing on high tech spaceships or laser guns. Asimov's book was about people and the interaction of social forces, such as religion opposing monarchy, but it was still SciFi.

          Like Asimov, I have tried to make my stories revolve around people— not just around spaceships and lasers. I have attempted to make my stories about people; NOT just about spaceships and lasers. I started just writing a few paragraphs at a time, but paragraphs that showed something. Like Haikus, except without the strict format. Eventually, I started to write longer pieces and to interconnect the paragraphs and stories. Now, all of the pieces show or explain part of a larger universe. It is a universe that I have created; one that I have developed over time and am continuing to develop. Many of the pieces have become running stories, however, I have intentionally split these up, inserting smaller pieces inbetween. I have done this in order to allow the reader to grasp a fuller view of the universe, not to merely focus on a group of characters and their actions. Also, the smaller stories give the reader a break— a chance to give a story a rest for a minute and focus their attention elsewhere before returning to a specific story line. It is for these reasons that I recommend that you read the stories in the order that I have placed them. The group of stories I am calling the Heale V Stories (the reason of which will be quickly made clear upon reading). I would love any feedback you may have. If you have feedback, feel free to contact me. I hope you enjoy my stories!

The Journey
The Holocaust at Heale
The Black Hole
The Sand and the Sky
Alone Amongst the Stars
The Grand Music
The Survivor
The Break of Dawn